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Derek Trucks Band Live at Pabst Theatre on 2003-04-08

Topics Live concert

Collection DerekTrucksBand
Band/Artist Derek Trucks Band
Venue Pabst Theatre
Location Milwaukee, WI

Source (FOB) Neumann AK40 > LC-3 Actives > KM100 > Apogee Mini-Me > Sony TCD-D8
Lineage Sony TCD-D8 > emagic EMI 2|6 > Apple IMac G4 > Sound Studio 2.1 > Shorten 1.1a4
Taped by Scott McPherrin
Transferred by Scott McPherrin


Reviewer: WRadford - - August 17, 2012
Subject: Excellent
Fantastic show, nearly flawless recording. Incredibly high-quality sound
Reviewer: ninoladron - - June 29, 2006
Subject: Great show from start to finish
This is a great recording of a great show. It starts off smoking and Derek and company keep it going all the way through. This is a must have show.
Reviewer: hot rats - - May 11, 2005
Subject: Really does shine through
its a really amazing show. almost all of the DTB shows i have just been that way though. ( actually all, but i rather not sound biased ) .

enjoy this show. a lot.

Reviewer: James24 - - September 28, 2004
Subject: theater helps recording
A couple of unique things about this show which I think make the recording so good:
1. Unfortunately for the band but good for fans, the show was promoted poorly, good seats were expensive and the turnout was low. We called a week before the show and got three tickets in the left side of the orchaestra, front row.
2. The Pabst Theater is an acoustic masterpiece and had just undergone a major renovation and restoration. The place dates to the early 20th Century and is a Milwaukee landmark.
I think the mix of those two things made everybody more aware of the performance, if that makes sense. I can't overstate the acoustics in the Pabst. Between songs, you can hear a conversation between two people on the other side of the theater. The place is dialed in that perfectly. People don't talk or make a lot of noise because the whole theater can hear your voice clearly!
Plus, the crowd was so small it was obvious everyone there was a nut for the band and wanted to see the show.
I'm glad to report when Derek came back to the Pabst 9/16/04, the tickets were cheaper, the promotion was better and the crowd was several times larger. People still kept mostly quiet between songs, though, so whenever that recording turns up, it should sound crisp and clear.
Reviewer: Susep - - September 3, 2004
Subject: Alternation of Generations
Derek Trucks is the next great improvisational musician.
Reviewer: GreenManaleshi - - August 8, 2004
Subject: sweet show...sweet recording
what more could ya want?
Reviewer: Mac50us - - February 6, 2004
Subject: Excellent Show- exqusite tape
Scott Mcpherin did a wonderful job producing this sounds great and The band is smokin'..I'm gonna watch out for more shows taped by him.
Reviewer: 54 - - June 30, 2003
Subject: Great Recording
I highly recommend this show. Recording is crisp, crowd noise minimal and the band is on. Trucks really shines here. Best I've downloaded to date.
Reviewer: Shane - - April 21, 2003
Subject: Setlist
Here's the setlist/track listing for this show.
And for those debating on whether or not to d/l this show, do so. Its an excellent show overall and a stellar recording. Great job Scott! Don't know if the crowd was just particularly respectful that night or what but there's is only crowd noise when its appropriate (end of tunes and some nice applause after solos), no chatter or glasses clinking. Again great job Scott. Now who's got the Shns for the 4/9 show w/ Joshua Redman sitting in?


Disc One
01. Sahib Teri Basi
02. Kam-A-Lay
03. Like Anyone Else
04. Home In Your Heart> Everything Is Everything
05. For My Brother
06. Feel So Bad

Disc Two
01. Cheesecake
02. Goin' Down Slow
03. Rastaman Chant
04. Joyful Noise
05. crowd
06. Afro Blue
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